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Watch this gorgeous chick posing sexy in her torn jeans and bare feet!

FeetJeans Videos – Alexia’s video

You don’t want to miss our next feetjeans videos featuring the superb Alexia, a  pretty teen with a beautiful body and perfect legs just like the footsiebabes. In this feetjeans.com video gallery Alexia is willing to let us watch her as she rubs her bare silky feet, just imagine if you could be there to give her a nice and soft feet massage. Well this little video is a personal thank you from us for following us so long, and from these ladies themselves as they know you got to enjoy lots and lots of hotties showing off their sexy curves to you each and every week. So let’s see what this video is all about.

Alexia was the perfect choice for this nice video as she was wearing a super sexy and hot pair of jeans and her feet were bare. So she decided to climb on top of her bed to do her naughty little show. And as she poses around and plays all by herself all sexy you get to hear her talking dirty to you. Watch her teasing you as much as she can in her video today and make sure that you don’t miss a single second of her lovely and hot video. And of course do check out the past updates as well, as you will not be disappointed with the amount of sexy ladies that await your attention today. Bye bye!

alexia exposing her bare feet

Click here and watch Alexia’s bare feet and tight jeans!

Feet Jeans Videos – Isis Video

Our next model, Isis,  has decided to let us shoot her for our feet jeans videos. Working with this brunette hotty is pure fun,  with a superb body and a bad girl look, she is always in the center of the attention. When she showed up in those ripped jeans and sexy underwear revealing her beautiful long legs and perfectly tanned skin, we knew she will be a popular feetjeans.com model. After she took off her sexy black high heels we knew that she is a truly perfect feet and jeans girl, no question about that, just watch how she swings her feet rubbing her legs, get ready to worship her as she deserves it!

isis posing in her bare feet and ripped jeans

Cum inside jb video and watch more incredible hot ladies posing sexy in stockings and high heels. Isis know that you have been naughty since last time she saw you guys and for today she makes one sweet comeback along with her sexy jeans once more to tease you. As last time she is wearing her sexy and tight satin bra that makes her perky playful boobs look even more playful, and of course her ripped jeans that show bits of skin everywhere. enjoy her teasing you with her scene today and watch each and every image of this hot babe today. We’ll be seeing you guys next time like always!

Check out lovely Isis in her ripped jeans and nude feet!

FeetJeans Alexis’s video

If you are into foot fetish you really have to watch the next FeetJeans.com video featuring this gorgeous blonde with a cute doll-face and perfect silky soft skin. Her name is Alexis and in today’s video she is wearing a pair of dark tight jeans which are highlighting her perfectly round hot butt and sexy long legs. This girl has it all, but her feet and toes are the missing parts which completes the perfection of this beauty Goddess. Alexis you got to see before in some nice and hot scenes, and today she comes back due to popular demand as you can see. So let’s get her show started.

Miss Alexis was very requested since last time that she was here, and she agreed to do a follow up scene to show off her sexy body some more. And this time she has a black pair of sexy tight jeans on her to tease you with. Sit back and watch her taking to her bed as she poses around naughty and sexy showing off her sexy and perfectly rounded ass in her nice and fresh gallery today everyone. She said that she loves you guys too and she’s looking forward to do some more sexy and sexual poses in the future to entice and tease you with her sexy curves. Well until then enjoy your stay! For other foot fetish videos check out the feet slave website and have a fun watching other stunning babes teasing you with their sexy feet.

alexis and her bare nude feet

Click here and see Alexis playing with her sweet bare feet!

Alanna and her sexy toes

When we spotted Alanna  in those sandals which are revealing her sexy red toes, we knew we need to take some feetjeans pictures of her. It would be a shame not to capture her beautiful feet and sexy toes don’t you think? Have fun watching this great video update and if you liked this cutie and you want to see other babes in foot fetish scenes, come inside www.herfeet.org blog. Well so far we had cuties wearing jeans only, but this sexy woman was wearing a super sexy pair of pants and at how sexy she looked we couldn’t pass the opportunity to let her show off.

alanna and her sexy feet

Alanna here is a cute and horny lady and she always has to have her way with guys. To tease everyone today she got herself a nice and sexy pair of shiny leather pants that were really tight and as you can see they were all yellow. In this update you get to see her show them off to you while she does her posing, and you just need to see those pants stretch and perfectly round up her sexy curves in front of the cameras today. She’s quite the adventurous little lady and if you pay enough attention you will get a special treat by the end of it all!

Click here and enjoy Alanna’s sweet inked toes!

Feet and jeans

When Lea decided to appear in our feet and jeans series, she told us how she loves to walk bare feet every time she has the chance, at home she never put’s on shoes because walking bare feet is the only way she feels comfortable. At that point we knew! We must shoot her in the comfort of her home and capture this beautiful teen in her own element. Se gave us a great feetjeans.com material while walking around in those tight jeans showing off those sexy feet and toes of her. Cum inside jb video and watch more gorgeous models in sexy stockings and high heels.

Lea is one sexy teen and she doesn’t have any problems picking up any guy that she wants. Well when you see a cute babe like her and the perky body she has it’s kind of hard to say away. Today this little cutie is here to treat you her nice and naughty teasing session while she talks dirty and displays her sexy and tight jeans along with her sexy feet as well. It’s all you and her here this time and you just have to do what she sais. Just like usual enjoy her show and drop by next week to see some more fresh galleries that we’ll have ready for you , everyone. See you then with fresh content!

teen lea posing in her tight jeans and bare feet

Watch teen Lea posing in her tight jeans and bare feet!

Nylon feet jeans

Graciela is more then aware of her beauty and when we’ve been shooting this nylon feet jeans video  she told us that her legs are attracting every man’s attention, that is why, she wears skirts and nylon pantyhose whenever she wants to feel sexy and attractive. Visit this great site if you want to see more sexy babes nylon feet jeans! And Trust me, the way Graciela looks in those nylon feetjeans pictures, no one can resist her, that’s for sure! Have fun watching this great video update! See you next time with more hot ladies, but for now let’s check out this sexy babe’s scene today.

gorgeous graciela and her nylon feet jeans

As we said, her name is Graciela and her main goal in life seems to be having fun at the guy’s expenses as she teases them as much as she can. Like all of our models, this cute babe was wearing a sexy and tight pair of jeans, and to pair it off she wore a strapless shirt covering her perky boobies. As you can see she also had on her sexy stockings, and she does one fine job to expose her sexy feet while she poses around for you guys. This babe is very hot and sexy and she knows how to work her sexy body. Have fun everyone and goodbye!

Click here and enjoy Graciela and her sexy pantyhosed feet!

FeetJeans Gloria

You have to watch Gloria’s FeetJeans videos if you are into foot fetish because she has the sexiest feet ever! When she appears wearing those tight blue jeans and white top and lays on the bed no one can resist her. Watching her lifting and swinging her sexy feet in the air revealing her naked feet and sexy toes it’s a mind-blowing experience, so make sure to watch this feetjeans.com video and enjoy it! Gloria is the mature that every guy dreams about in secret, and today she is here to take her turn to tease you with her sexy curves and hot body, and you get front row seats to her show.

When the cameras start to roll, you can see that the set itself is her own bedroom, and this cutie intends to get naughty and wild on her queen size bed today. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans that really made her ass look that more juicy, and her white tank top put her big and nice round tits on display as well. You can watch her pose and show off her womanly curves while she talks dirty to you encouraging you to jerk off to her, and well we can only guess what kind of effect that has. As always have fun with this scene and see you next week with some more fresh content like usual!

gloria posing in jeans on her bad

Check out Gloria posing in her tight jeans on the bed!

Sweet little Pricess

This lovely teen knows how to make her entrance that’s for sure, just take a look on this feetjeans galleries! Whit a short jeans skirt that barely covers her nice round butt, a white see through shirt and a pair of fancy high heels she is a total turn on. No man can resist her specially when he sees her nice long and firm legs and incredibly attractive feet! If you want to receive a jerk off instruction here is the right place to be. This cute and sexy little babe will rock your world with her simply amazing and hot update for today and we bet that you’ll simply love her too.

princess looking gorgeous in her jeans skirt and high heels

If there’s one thing that miss Pricess here knows how to do best, is how to tease guys as much as she can. And that’s exactly what she’s doing while wearing her cute and sexy outfit today. She had on her high heels, sexy denim shorts and a white shirt that was kind of see though. And in addition to seeing her perky tits through it, you can watch this cute babe as she poses around all sexy and sensual for the cameras teasing you with her lovely and perfect ass and sexy legs. Enjoy this babe’s scene today and do come back next week for more fresh scenes with some sexy ladies.

See this lovely Pricess in her jeans skirt and high heels!

Sexy feet jeans

Isis is simply irresistible in her sexy feet jeans! That’s why we must show you her feet and jeans pictures, because she has the perfect legs and the sexiest feet and toes. And those torn jeans she’s wearing…just makes you wanna rip them off her and rub those legs inch by inch. If you wanna see some horny amateurs talking dirty while filling their holes with huge toys, cum inside talk dirty to me. Well let’s just get this show on the road to see this cute babe with shoulder long brunette hair entice you with her sexy and sizzling hot curves today shall we everyone?

Miss Isis is one hot babe, and according to her she always gets the guys that she wants. And with curves like her that’s not really a surprise either. You’d have to be stupid not to answer this babe’s call when she puts up her sexy body up for grabs. Sit back and watch as this cutie gets herself all dressed up in some sexy jeans, and with her sexy satin bra the clothes just made this babe look even hotter than she already was. Watch her parade and show off her superbly amazing body today and enjoy it. Rest assured that we’ll have her back sooner or later with more awesome images!

isis and her sexy feet jeans

Check out Isis looking stunning in her torn jeans!

FeetJeans Leslie

Leslie has an amazing body. As you will see in the next FeetJeans pics, she has perfect shapes, big boobs and thin waist, she is every guys dream. This amazing brunette babe just loves foot teasing  and her nice and long legs are simply irresistible, specially when she puts on a pair of tight jeans. Check her out posing in the kitchen in our feet jeans videos, and watch this superbly hot and sexy babe as she exposes her super hot and sexy curves wrapped up in those tight and sexy pants for today. So let’s get started without any more delay then shall we guys and gals?

leslie and her sexy bare feet

When miss Leslie’s scene starts off, she makes her entry wearing her super sexy and hot outfit and you guys get to see her first. As you can see she was sporting one super sexy and small white tank top that was doing a nice job to put those big and perfect round tits in a nice spotlight for you guys. Watch as she starts to pose more and more sensually and watch her play with herself as she touches herself while still wearing her tight and sexy jeans today. we hope that you’ll love this cute babe’s scene for today and we’ll be seeing you guys next week with some more nice and fresh content!

Check out long legged Leslie posing sexy in the kitchen!